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Specializing in: Container Fabrication and Trailer Repair

Houston’s Container Modification and Trailer Repair Shop

Custom Shipping Container Modification • Refurbishing • Trailer Repair

JFM Services, Inc. is the leading expert in trailer repair and shipping container fabrication since 1987. We offer an array of customized services that serve businesses as close as the Gulf Coast as well as industries all over the world. Our technicians deliver results on demand with minimal wait time and keep drivers on the road.

Quick-Stop Trailer Repairs While You Wait!

JFM Services has a 6-bay repair & welding facility to meet your trailer and container repair needs. Our bay facilitates trailers up to 53 feet to accommodate nearly any trailer you can send our way. Come to us for part replacement and repairs, preventative maintenance, and emergency welding. If your load needs to be transferred during repairs, we have a 15,000 lb. fork truck standing by as needed. Our experienced repairmen will get you road-ready again in time for your next delivery.

JFM Services Specializes in Customized Trailer Fabrication

Our fabrication technicians work to transform your shipping and storage containers into secure and cost-effective spaces for your business. Refurbish your containers with painting, flooring and utilities. Create unique offices, specialized storage units, shops, tool sheds and more!

Our container fabrication services can be tailored to nearly any industry. We’ve worked with clients in transport, oil & gas, defense, subsea, food services, tiny homes and more. Ask JFM Services what we can create for your business today. The possibilities are endless!

We are proud to show our work. Visit our portfolio to see some projects we have completed.

Conveniently Located in Houston for Optimal Customer Service

JFM Services is located just minutes from the Port of Houston with easy access from I-10 or 610 loop. We pride ourselves in delivering top-quality fabrication and repair of your shipping containers and trailers. We fulfill your exact specifications for every project. Please feel free to speak with one of our technicians anytime with questions and concerns you may have. We’re here to serve you.

1711 Turning Basin Drive, Building B, Houston, Texas 77029