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Shipping Container Modification, Conversion
and Fabrication

JFM Services specializes in shipping container modification to match your needs and your brand. We deliver custom build-outs, refurbishing, and modifications. Our experienced technicians will get the job done right. We at JFM are committed providing the best service to each customer.

Contact JFM to modify your shipping containers to be more secure and reliable during transport, or convert one into an on-the-go business or even a tiny home… there are so many possibilities when it comes to shipping containers!

Looking To Transform Your Container?

Whatever your needs, fabricated and modified shipping containers are the way to go. Weather-resistant, cost-effective, secure, modular, and versatile in design, JFM Services just takes them a step further. We can custom create a tiny container home that has your own personal style.

Stop by JFM’s in-house fabrication shop in Houston, Texas, or contact us today to see what we can create for you.

Complete Container Build-Outs to Suit Your Needs

Let our JFM inc technicians get to work on delivering complete, custom build-outs for your shipping container. We handle everything from converting storage containers into a specialized space to installing insulation, electricity and plumbing.

Our team of fabrication experts understand the unique versatility of shipping containers. They can be customized to meet nearly any need to become a portable space to take on the road, temporary secure storage container or long term container office. From tailored storage units to portable businesses and more, we’ve seen and built them all.

  • Custom storage units: Redesign your shipping container into a temperature control unit, mini storage building, explosive proof shipping unit or vehicle transport unit.
  • Standalone buildings and offices: Supply the necessities of your business with units fabricated into bathrooms, tool rooms and offices, break rooms, and whatever else you may need.
  • Portable businesses: Fabricate your portable business by turning a shipping container into a restaurant, bar, workshop, food stand, ticket office, and roughneck shops. We design to your entrepreneurial vision.
  • Shipping container homes: Recycled containers or new containers can be custom made to a modern container home that has all the luxury of a large home. We can add your personal touch to your tiny home.
  • Training and education: Modify your storage unit into a classroom, locker room, testing facility or a portable simulation building.
  • Custom spaces: Create your personal man cave, tool shed, 4-wheeler storage, or entertainment room.  We’ll create a unique & custom space for you!
  • Emergency storage: Containers are a handy and quick solution when emergencies strike. Mobile containers can be delivered to your location quickly and keep the contents safe.
  • Mobile offices, control room, break rooms: A handy solution in industries where your company moves to different job sites.
  • Tool rooms and offices
  • Bunkers and living quarters
  • Feed storage
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Roughneck shops
  • Temperature control unit
  • Firework stands
  • Equipment storage
  • Mini storage building
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Workshops
  • Snow cones stand and ticket box office
  • Security look out
  • Portable power and generator mode
  • ADA

Shipping Container Modification and Enhancements

If you don’t need your container completely refurbished and you’re only looking to have it enhanced or slightly modified, JFM Services can help with that, too.

Our fabrication technicians can customize your container with any desired modification or enhancement you may need. We’ll install doors, windows, outlets, and flooring to your specifications. At JFM Services, we’re all about delivering to order for our customers to meet their unique customer service needs.

  • Utilities: We install electrical grids with outlets, breaker boxes, lights and light switches.
  • Doors & windows: Add 36-inch man doors, roof vents, skylights, double-pane windows or overhead/roll-up doors for your container.
  • Security additions: Secure your customized shipping container with lock boxes, security bars over windows, sound-proofing and insulation.
  • Interior & exterior design: Let us paint your container for your business, install flooring or handle refurbishing projects to make your custom container as good as new.

Below is a partial list of our container modification options. Or see our portfolio of work.

  • Sound proofing
  • Overhead door or roll-up doors
  • Skylights
  • Electrical plugs and outlets
  • Door and roof vents
  • Security bars (over the windows and skylights)
  • Lock boxes
  • Breaker boxes
  • Flooring, hardwood, commercial grade or non-skid paint
  • Double-pane windows
  • Office containers that consists of full insulation
  • Ac/heat units with full climate control available
  • Lighting and light switches
  • 36-inch man doors
  • Painting & refurbishing
  • Electrical packages

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