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Shipping Container Houses

Shipping Container Houses, The Wave of The Future

As more and more people look for affordable, minimalist housing, the tiny homes phenomena is sweeping the country. One of the most popular options for minimalist homes is, surprisingly, unused or discarded shipping containers. They’re gaining in appeal and creating a growing trend of beautifully appointed, comfortable homes. They are becoming the go-to choice for simple, affordable living.

Why Choose Shipping Container Houses

Why are shipping container houses and tiny homes gaining so much traction? Because the current generation is taking its impact on the earth’s natural resources seriously. The culture for small, affordable, easy-to-relocate housing is popular because many smart consumers prefer to forego 30-year mortgages in favor of more immediate affordability. Additionally, many people enjoy living with less and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on society.

Why Choose JFM Services

We’ve been an industry leader in shipping container modification and repair since 1987. Thirty years of experience mean we have skills and expertise you can rely on to turn an ordinary shipping container into the state-of-the-art container home you’ve only dreamed of. Whether you want a container home as your principal residence, as a guest house, or even as a rental unit, our customized, personalized shipping container houses and tiny homes give you an economical, distinctly contemporary dwelling.

Why JFM Container Houses and Tiny Homes Are So Popular

The homes we build are more than just beautiful. They’re structurally sound by the nature of their original use, and they’re solidly insulated and structurally reinforced by us. Shipping container houses and tiny homes are also eco-friendly. That means they’re a smart way to re-purpose abandoned shipping containers that might otherwise be melted down creating environmental pollutants, or abandoned and left to take us valuable land space, while serving no purpose. Additionally, reusing sturdy shipping containers saves trees and other important natural resources and makes them available for current and future generations.

One of the biggest appeals of the container homes we construct is that no two are alike. Each has its own aesthetic appeal and unique design. That’s because we don’t make one-size-fits-all modular homes. Instead, we start with each customer’s land size and availability, practical needs, personal preferences, design ideals, and end-use functionality. Your creativity and personal preferences are our only limitations. In short, you dream up your container home and we make your dream a reality.

Contact JFM To Get Your Container House Project Started

Exceptional quality and happy customers are our hallmarks. Our full-service facility and motivated team of expert shipping container technicians can convert the shipping container you choose into a beautifully functional home in short order. Click right here to see for yourself how we transform shipping containers that once transported consumer goods of all kinds, into homes that help bring families closer while allowing them to explore their sense of adventure. If you’re ready to build an eco-friendly, container-minium of your own, call us today at (713) 671-2275, or fill out our contact sheet, for a fast, free, no-obligation quote.